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but, at the same time, our team also has a vast experience in manufacturing metal elements for soil support solutions.

Bulteck offers its training service to companies, so these can adapt and implement the technology within the shortest possible time and with guaranteed results. Our goal is to partner with other companies and develop pioneering products for the mining and construction industries.

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Top-quality products

All of our products are manufactured using materials with quality certificates supplied from European Union suppliers.

Likewise, our internal quality control systems minimise errors. All of our products are marked to guarantee their traceability and control. Our company works according to the high standards of quality of the ISO9001 standard and our products feature the CE marking.

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The best technology from your trusted partner

Bulteck is committed to providing its customers with cutting-edge mining technology when they need it.

Contact us, we will help you find the best solution, easily, quickly and with guaranteed results.

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At the forefront of our sector


Our team has a vast experience and proven track record in all types of soil support solutions.

Quickly, easily and safely

Quick installation and fastening, with immediate results, increasing the safety of the working conditions and streamlining the work.

Quality and warranty

All of our products have been manufactured using approved materials with quality certificates and all of our units are marked to guarantee product traceability.

Wide range of products

Wide range of support systems and accessories. Hydraulic expansion bolts, friction bolts and corrugated steel bolts. Accessories, such as inflation pumps. Bolt resistance inspection tool. Plates.

Bulteck develops its own products, which are mainly designed for underground mining and tunnelling in national and international civil works projects.


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