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BULTECK, a young and innovative company, backed by the global expertise of the Minova group

Our experience speaks for itself

Our team has a vast experience in manufacturing metal elements for soil support solutions, mainly for underground mining and the construction of tunnels in civil works projects, activities on which we have focused and developed nationally and internationally.

All of our products are manufactured using materials with quality certificates supplied from European Union suppliers, and have been certified and approved according to EU standards and regulations. Likewise, our internal quality control systems minimise errors. All of our products are marked to guarantee their traceability and control.


We also manufacture other types of anchoring elements, such as FRICTION BOLTS and CORRUGATED STEEL BOLTS. Likewise, we have another Division that is dedicated to manufacturing other types of support elements, such as SUPPORT ARCHES for THN and HEB beams.

Over the years, we have focused and specialised on manufacturing anchor bolts, our flagship product being the EXPANSION BOLT, which we have developed and perfected thanks to our technical team and the opinions of our customers, achieving a top-quality product at a very competitive price and providing our customers with a product that brings important benefits, in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness and execution time.

Minova group

Minova is an industry leader of ground support and geotechnical solutions for mining, tunnelling and surface ground engineering projects. Minova are known for high-quality products, technical expertise and customer problem-solving. The 140-year track record of developing and delivering innovative ground support solutions is a heritage to be proud of.

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