Bernold plate

BULTECK offers Bernold plates as a complement to primary support trusses, used as permanent formwork and framework elements. This type of plate can also be used to prevent small landslides inside the excavated sections.

Bernold plates are perforated and corrugated, with dimensions 1190×1080×2 mm and installed taking into account the ridges and grooves of each plate, offering a useful covering area of 1m2. These plates can be straight or curved, in accordance with the geometry of the truss on which they will be installed.

Bernold plate characteristics

Width 1190mm
Length before shaping 1225mm
Length after shaping 1080mm
No. of ridges 9
Thickness 2mm+/-2
Weight 21 kg/ud

Structural and macro-synthetic steel structure for the reinforcement of shotcrete

BULTECK offers three types of steel fibres to improve the tensile and shearing strength of the spread mortar and to increase its capacity to absorb energy before breaking, according to the different load and pumping needs, which when added to concrete, optimise its mechanical properties. When compared with the traditional mesh, it eliminates the need for gaps behind the mesh to create the screen effect and reduces the amount of shotcrete required, in addition to greatly reducing the installation time.

BULTECK’s steel fibre dimensions guarantee that they can be anchored to concrete, ensuring that the shotcrete can be reinforced perfectly.

EM 46/35 LOOSE 0,75mm+/_3% 0,35mm+/_3%
EM 50/30 LOOSE 0,60mm+/_2% 0,30mm+/_2%
EM 66/35 GLUED 0,53mm+/_2% 0,35mm+/_2%

BC54 is a synthetic structural fibre with a high tensile strength; its surface has been designed to emulate the ribs on steel bars, guaranteeing their adherence to concrete masses.

Electro-welded mesh

This product is made up of two element systems (bars or wires). With a longitudinal and a transversal element, these cross perpendicularly and have joined contact points, using fusion welds, with no additional materials required, creating solid joints and top-quality finishes..

These are most commonly used as support elements and to prevent rocks from falling during underground work and work in galleries and embankments, among others. It is perfect for shotcrete systems.

It can be manufactured in black or galvanised steel.

Supplied in sheets and reels.

Characteristics of the welded mesh

Width Length Cross wire overhang Cross wire overhang Diameter Resistance to shearing of the welds **Galvanised
Minimum Contact Coatingo
Tolerance(+/-) Tolerance(+/-) Tolerance(+/-) Tolerance(+/-) Tolerance(+/-) (N) (Nm) g/m2
(mm) (%) (mm) (mm) 0,08 A(mm2)
70 minimum2
´+/-13 ´-0/+1 ´+/-13 ´+/-6,35 D=6mm 60

This product meets the requirements of the following technical standards:

  • ASTM-A496. Standard Specification for Steel Wire.
  • ASTM-A497. Standard Specification for Steel Welded Wire Fabric.
  • ASTM-A641. Standard Specification For Zinc-Coated (galvanized)

Distribution plates

We manufacture and stock the most common types of distribution plates used with the different types of bolts.

But we also manufacture plates according to the customer’s specifications or can manufacture any special plate model you need.

Resistance verification tools for hydraulic expansion bolts

The tensile strength tests are conducted with clamps that can be easily attached to the lower bolt bushing, a spacer tube between the rock and jack, a pulling bar and a hydraulic hack with a pump and pressure gauge. Destructive and non-destructive tensile strength tests can be conducted.

The equipment used to conduct the tensile strength tests on expansion bolts includes the following elements:

  • Extraction unit
  • Jack
  • Safety chain
  • Hose
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pump
  • Lever

Inflation pumps for expansion bolts and accessories

The high-pressure hydro-electric pumps have the following characteristics:

  • Flow rate 9,5 l/min
  • Working pressure: 300bar
  • Motor power: 7,5CV, 1500rpm, 230/400V, 50Hz
  • Approximate weight 80Kg
  • Dimensions: Width 790mm x height 500mm x depth 420mm

These can also be manufactured as pneumatic pumps, used in places with no power supply but with an air supply.

Pumps are enclosed in a robust metal casing that can withstand very harsh operating conditions.

We also market all sorts of SPARE PARTS and ACCESSORIES for these pumps, such as:

  • Inflation nozzles: Standard and midi/super type
  • O-rings
  • Rings