BULTECK MINING SYSTEMS, S.L. is a company that MANUFACTURES AND MARKETS METAL SOIL SUPPORT ELEMENTS, which are mainly used in underground mining projects and for the execution of tunnels in civil works projects. The company’s purpose is to provide top-quality and specialised products to its customers at competitive prices and with high benefits in terms of safety and execution time.

Mission: The mission of BULTECK MINING SYSTEMS, S.L. is to offer the best solutions for the execution of works to its customers, providing them with the necessary resources to ensure that all customers have cutting-edge technology within their reach.

Vision: To become a leading company in the mining and construction industries, partnering with its customers to develop pioneering and guaranteed products.

Values: Our company’s staff is known for a series of distinguishing values, including ethical behaviour, trust and professionalism.


BULTECK MINING SYSTEMS, S.L. focuses its actions on:

  • Providing its customers with cutting-edge mining technology.
  • Constantly ensuring that the company meets its customers’ requirements, according to their use of our products.
  • Assessing the efficacy of the quality management system on an on-going basis, as a permanent goal of the company, with the purpose of increasing the quality perceived by our customers.
  • Working in strict compliance with professional ethics at all times.
  • Guaranteeing the customer’s satisfaction by meeting all requirements included in the contracts,
  • Complying with the applicable laws and regulations, both in relation to the products it manufactures and in its business management processes.


This Quality System Policy will be used as the framework to establish and review the Annual Goals. It will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it is permanently adapted according to the Company’s operations. The Quality System Policy will be published and placed up on the walls at the facilities of BULTECK MINING SYSTEMS, S.L. to ensure all Company staff has access to it.